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    Alaçatı, Çeşme & Urla

    The charming town of Alaçatı, which smells of lavender, is now one of the most popular holiday destinations in Türkiye

    As you wander along the narrow and beautiful alleys of Alaçatı with its warm, sweet, and delightful Aegean atmosphere you will smell the scent of many flowers. Bougainvillea, black pepper trees, mastic trees, mimosas, and fragrant jasmines will treat you both with their smell and sight.

    Mastic Tree and Mastic Gum

    The mastic tree is a plant in the form of a green bush in all seasons because it does not shed its leaves, which can be grown on the Aegean and partially Mediterranean coasts in Türkiye. This tree, which lives in the special red soil of Çeşme, has a unique fragrance. The mastic tree history dates back to approximately 6000 years in Çeşme. The benefits of mastic are many. Gum resin is not only used in food, but also one of the most important raw materials to be used in treatment.

    Smell the Sea

    It’s possible to swim almost anywhere in Çeşme. Çeşme has 14 Blue Flag beaches and people can even be seen swimming near the harbor. Local residents who stay at their summer homes usually have their small, favorite beach close to their homes but here we've compiled a list of the best beaches in Çeşme for your benefit.

    Popular Beaches

    Alaçatı Beach

    Leave the town of Alaçatı towards Windsurf Paradise, pass it and continue down the coast. A little way ahead (about 3-5 kilometers), where Ovacık region, you will begin to

    see beautiful sandy coves. The best beach club spot is here. You should definitely check it out while in Çeşme.

    Çeşme Altınkum Beach

    Çeşme Altınkum Beach; translated as “Golden Sand Beach”, this beach is famous for its natural beauty, cold water, and its pristine sand. It is only 10 minutes walking distance to the center of Çeşme.

    Aya Yorgi Beach

    Aya Yorgi Bay and the beaches there are famous for their world-class beach clubs. You can go to Aya Yorgi, which is 13 kilometers from Çeşme center, by your car or public transportation. You can have fun all day and night in Aya Yorgi, where there are many beach clubs.

    Boyalık Beach

    Boyalık Beach; İzmir residents who have their summer homes in Çeşme usually spend the winter dreaming about Boyalık Beach. Boyalık Beach is the north of the Çeşme, between Ilıca and Çeşme. It has a structure similar to Ilıca beach with its turquoise water.

    Ilıca Beach

    Ilıca Beach is hands down Çeşme's most famous beach. It also happens to be a public beach. The sand is exquisite and the water is quite warm thanks to the area’s underwater hot springs. Ilıca Beach is completely vulnerable to northerly winds but on less windy days, it has one of the clearest waters you will find anywhere. Usually, however, the area is quite breezy – or even windy - so ready yourselves for some mid-sized waves. Even the wind and waves though can be fun here. Ilıca beach is also family and children friendly with shallow water.

    Kocakarı Beach

    We don't know where the name came from (it means Old Woman Beach), but this is Çeşme Dalyan's best beach. Because it's protected against the north winds, it's usually pretty calm. It is located in the northwest of the Çeşme peninsula in the Dalyan neighborhood, which is approximately 3 miles from the Çeşme center.

    Paşa Limanı Beach

    Because of Paşa Limanı and its region are full of small coves, there isn't a big beach to speak of but the water is beautiful here. Paşa Limanı Beach is located 3 miles from Ilıca center and 12 miles from Çeşme center. It offers both the beach and the camp area for visitors. You can reach the beach by your car or public transport. Paşalimanı beach is also family and children friendly with a shallow water.

    Pırlanta Beach

    Pırlanta Beach is situated in one of Çeşme Peninsula’s westernmost areas. Like Ilıca, it is open to the north winds. This pretty, sandy beach has become the center of Çeşme’s kitesurfing activities, and you’ll usually see dozens of kitesurfers here. It is still very comfortable as a swimming beach though.