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    Alaçatı, Çeşme & Urla

    Looking for a vacation full of late nights, great bars on the beach, music festivals, and more? Head to Çeşme, Türkiye’s famous getaway destination. Çeşme’s endless entertainment opportunities make it a popular destination for those looking to have a good time. There are lounges and bars, beach clubs, and music festivals meaning you have plenty of choices when looking for a night out on the town. We have compiled some lists of the best places to party when visiting so you can pick the right one to suit your mood.

    Enjoy the Nightlife

    Çeşme becomes more vibrant at nights, and possibly has the best nightlife in Türkiye. You can find lots of clubs, cocktail bars, and live performances. Just remember that some of them are downtown, and others are scattered out in more remote areas.

    Chill at the Beach Clubs

    One of the most popular ways to enjoy the sea in Çeşme is at a beach club. While the sun is going down you can listen to great music and watch live dance performances. It is actually great fun to stay around just for this!

    When talking nightlife in Çeşme, it is always worth heading to a beach club to soak up the sun by day, and the party atmosphere in the evening. There are many clubs offering parties late into the night especially at Aya Yorgi Bay (Aya Yorgi Koyu). The crowds don’t come until after 11 p.m. as the bars are open until just before sunrise. The clubs can hold over 3000 people so you are sure to be in good company!

    Of all the neighborhoods around Çeşme, Alaçatı is probably the most vibrant. Along with the perfect wind for surfers, Alaçatı’s cobblestoned streets, centuries-old stone houses with wide gardens, its vibrant shopping scene, chic restaurants and bars, all attract people to the area.

    Alaçatı, which is considered to be the rising star of the Aegean region, attracts attention with its festivals, events, and nightlife. As well as enjoying the sea and the sun at Alaçatı, you can breathe life into your holiday with festivals and events held year-round. Especially Bars Street (Barlar Caddesi), located among the historical stone houses, is one of the must-see destinations in Alaçatı.

    Explore the Nightlife

    A night out on the town is a must when visiting Çeşme. There are so many options for a good time, you could spend weeks here and never go to the same place twice. Downtown Alaçatı offers excellent nightlife options with its many bars and clubs, and Çeşme has a great scene on every corner.

    Music Festivals

    Çeşme is known for its wonderful beaches, windsurfing, and thermal baths but those looking for a little sway in their step can also enjoy one of the many awesome music festivals. If you prefer a little more beat and a lot more DJing, then head to the Electronica Festival in Çeşme. For those that like softer tunes, the Çeşme Jazz Festival takes place each summer at the Marina.